Beard love.

I love beards. And I have absolutely no clue why.                 When James and i met his face was bald. Ha. No it really was. I didn’t even know he could grow a full beard. But the moment he started showing he could I was relentless about him growing … More Beard love.

I’m a child.

I’m demanding. Always wanting what I want the very second I think about it.  I seek attention at all cost. Right or wrong you will notice me.  I have no regard for your personal space. It’s now our space.  No is not a word in my dictionary. Though you assume I’ve documented it… It’s non … More I’m a child.

Trunks and Bags

My near future will be very simple. All our belongings will be packed away. Our Home will be a bedroom in a house that isn’t mine. The few belongings that will be in reach need to fit in trunks and bags.4 trunks to hold cloths and 4 bags to hold the necessary items for 5 … More Trunks and Bags

Milk for music.

A music post. Dew to not posting it in the last.  Ill be telling you about Milky Chance. Amazing. Weird. Funk. Toe tapping rhythm. And cute….it’s true.  In the ears now…. Clemens Rehbein ( Einstein of music^^) vocalist and guitarist  Philipp Dausch-DJ /producer  Antonio Greger-  guitarist  I really don’t have as much knowledge about them … More Milk for music.

Baking up a storm

Were in the middle of an ice storm. What better way to pass time then baking.  I love baking. And the kiddos love tasting. They prefer sweets over all. Cookie dough is like Omgoodness hide those beaters or you won’t  get them back😂😛 But the dishes….oh the dishes are a bummer when it comes to … More Baking up a storm