I’m Jonna. A wife to James and a mom to 3 Lil’s. Isabella, Zeppelin, and Morrison.

I’m in the process of packing / moving from Missouri to Indeana. (March 4th is our goodbye day) In the mean time I’m gaining perspective in the simple life. Realizing I am not that simple. 

This is not a one topic blog. Though simplicity will be a top topic. I will be sharing about

  • Coffee
  • Music 
  • Deep thoughts
  • Personal overcomes concerning simplicity 
  • Personal
  • DIY
  • Essential oil
  • delicious recipes 
  • And a small amount of my personal style

My goal is nothing more then to look back and see pages of self growth in simplicity and having fun. 

The name Zen and Chaos came from life it self. Me being a mom with a large amount of overwhelming feelings… This is as close as it gets for a title that would explain the very person behind each post, each picture. A battle that’s within. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. Check out Zen and chaos on Instagram and hit follow.  I will try to always return the favor. 


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