Kills 99.9% Of Germs

I never have to worry about disinfecting my house. It seems to get done a few times a week. Take this off the to do. Morrison has taken this chore. Some how he keeps finding it. It’s hidden for a few days and he finds it again. I guess this is the perfect chore for him.

Lysol seems to be a heavily carried product in our home for a few weeks. The summer flue took our house not to long ago. Though it seem to pass me right by again. I wasn’t affected. Then a week later(last week) James got really sick. High fever sick. He had multiple symptoms and lasted till Sunday. So I have been using Lysol like glitter at a princes party.

I’ve become relaxed since Mon. dew to no symptoms…It might be best if I keep up on it till the can is gone. Keeping a few less germs around sounds better with all the ew we’ve had.

So thanks to Morrison for helping out and taking your part as in our family. We can count on you to make our home germ free. Your the best. IMG_20170711_102528_684.jpg


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