My Perfect Birthday!!

Today is my birthday. And this was by far the best birthday in my life. I was surrounded with people who LOVE birthdays. My 3 Littles. The never let me forget what today was. It My birthday. They LOVE birthdays. They love their birthday and about the same…they will love yours. They love to sing happy birthday. They Love to tell you over and over with joy in their voices “ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY” Isabella is the biggest fan of birthdays. We have a count down to hers every time a birthday comes up.  She’s hooked.


I have had enjoyable birthdays but nothing in the likes of my 28th. Last year I canned applesauce and 4 days later it all expired dew to me neglecting to hot water bathing them. On top of that I quit smoking at 8:22 am. (July 6th) And as proud as I was for my accomplishment it did not last but a small 3 weeks. What can I say….I do enjoy the drag…. If I’m honest. (its a want and disgust all in one) But the littles did keep me busy. And that is truly what kept me going…also canning applesauce. (forget the 32 that didn’t make it….it’s all in the past 😥   )

But todays was Beautiful.

James got up with the kids at 7:30. I slept till eight and they all came in and woke me up with happy birthday songs and smiles.  Getting up we prep for a day at Pine lake. This has been the talk for the last 5 days. Pine Lake. Water Slides. Sand. A Huge Splash pad. Lots of fun. Picnic. Water. Sun.


This was my birthday. A day full of sun and fun. Watching them laugh and play. Seeing the excitement in their eyes as we kept having all this fun. Eating ice-cream and imitating a rooster all at once. Sliding down with Isabella on a double slide holding hands because it was a bit to fast. Though by the end of it we were just going down together as mom and awesome daughter because she is brave and Beautiful. Morrison almost sank to the bottom of 2 and a half feet wile going down the slide…..but he’s cozy and sleeping with dreams of water slides and ice-cream.

I was sourounded with Love. I watched my littles ones love my birthday. And that is what made today the best birthday ever. As we pull in our drive I look back and see a little sleepy eyed happy girl say ‘Happy birthday mom. This is the best birthday. I love your birthday. I love you”

Thank you to my family for making my day Perfect.IMG_20170706_175941_658 you made this the most tear jerking happy birthday a mom could ever have.  XOXO!!!



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