Forgiveness and Simplicity 

 I’m in love with this life of simplicity. Of course I hold onto the past still. Though I am trying to keep it at a minimal. Assuring my self the past is exactly where it’s suppose to be. 

I’m working on forgiveness. Forgiving with out an apology. And then moving on without dwelling in the mud pit. So hard for me. I’m a bit of a dweller. 

The mentalness that goes with simplicity is as deep as the galaxy. It is far bigger then the visual of simplicity. It really does sit with the mind. Figure out the mental and the visual will be nothing but easy. When you’re happy and free you do not need as much.

Forgiveness is a good place to start. Harboring anger towards those that have hurt you is natural in the negativity department.  But letting it go with an honest forgiving is a freeing natural that has healthy benefits. There is a time for hate and a time for peace.

Hate does not solve a problem. In fact it makes it bigger. It makes it worse. Playing it over and over you seem to get more angry at the situation and then it creates a madness inside. Even if you state “I’m happy” yet still harbor those awful feeling you will not be truly happy. The zen is gone…

I know this is true. I have been hurt so many times(it really doesn’t help that I’m  a sensitive person…but). There are a few people  on record that have surpassed the hurt and crushed me. Getting over them has never happened. Anger was my middle name. And honestly I hated a few of these people. I couldn’t believe they would go out of their way to hurt me with no apologies to be herd. 

Why should I forgive someone who doesn’t even want my forgiveness? The forgiveness isn’t for them. It’s for you!! Beautiful right…..I know. That moment when you let them go with out having any anger is the moment you have genuine peace. A peace that only comes when you are grounded in true love for yourself. Loving yourself enough to forgive someone without an apology is beautiful growth within yourself. Why should you harbor anger towards people who can’t even love themselves?

The people that hurt you….they will never have this. Why…they are far from happy themselves. They can’t even love themselves. 

There are people who will hurt you and offer no apology. And it’s ok. Let them live the life they want. Sad as it may be. You are not responsible to teach them with your anger. And they are not responsible for your happiness. Personal growth is an individual experience. Working on your own is all you need to do. 
Forgiving takes a lot when the situation has gone beyond hurt. In order to let go you need to go to the crazy side of life and imagine/pretend  this person has given a heart felt genuine apology. Normally after a person has genuinely  apologized it comes natural to forgive. So this is when you truly forgive and forget. Hard as the forget part is, this is all being done for you and no one else. Forgetting a situation is hard. I know this all to well. But setting the goal of peace will aid in this process. Nothing amounts to seeing the person you once harbored anger towards and feel litteraly nothing towards them. 

Forgiveness is powerful. Freeing up space in your mind. Allowing you to be at zen with in. Forgiveness is a part of simpliFreeinDo not harbor clutter/anger 


2 thoughts on “Forgiveness and Simplicity 

    1. I feel this is one of the hardest things we will have to do to live a peaceful life. But so much freedom in doing so. Thank you for your love. 💛💛

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