Coconut oil is wonderful. It can be used for cooking, body, polishing, and creamer. Just to name a few.  

Oil pulling is a favorite of mine. Though I go on spurts where I won’t even touch it. I love to oil pull.

My thing with it being in spurts was I hated spooning it in my mouth. Also towards the end of the jar it would settle and….um….no I’m good. 

But I’ve  been trying to get back into the swing of pulling. Then I passed a pin that said “peppermint oil-pulling cubes”. I was like…..why haven’t I done this yet. 

And even better. James said to find something simple (we’re moving) to get for Valentines day. Saying this a bit after my discovery of the pulling cubes I knew what I wanted. Rose silicone molds. 
The day they arrived (YESTERDAY 😘) I made these pulling cubes. Oh they were so fun. I love making things like this. 

I didn’t read the instructions on the ones I found on Pinterest. Being the only ingredient used in oil-pulling is coconut oil and an optional add -essential oils. These couldn’t be that hard. And they weren’t. 

Oil pulling cubes 

You need

  • A mixer &and wire whisk
  • Coconut oil – soft not melted. (2/3 a cup filled my mold trays)
  • Essential oils (optional) I used 3 drops of peppermint. Note: if you do use oils, be sure to be soft on drops. A little goes a long way. If using Cinnamon, 2 drops really. I encourage you to remember how strong cinnamon oil is. 

With your mixer on high, whip the coconut oil till fluffy. Add your oil (optional) peppermints, cassa, cinnamon…

Place in freezer for 3 minutes. Whip again till fluffy. Scoop in your mold trays. Freeze, 5m if that. 

Boom. You got some beautiful pulling tabs.

To use. 

You probably don’t need help in this area but….

Take a cube and  dissolve in your mouth. Swish for up to 20 min. Spit it in the trash not your drains. Rinse your mouth out. 

The benefits 

  • Strengthens teeth and gums
  • Removes toxins
  • Aids in better breath
  • Could subside migraines routine 

This is just another way to add some naturalness to your daily routine. 


I kept my jar in the fridge. When I used one it took forever to  dissolve. I was sitting with a decently large oil block in my mouth for about 2min before I was able to start using it….so don’t put them in the fridge. 

Any questions ask. Advice I want it. 💛✌


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