Burning goodbye

Oh my, what a week. Finally the kiddos are on track and back to school. I’m not sure whose more excited about school….them or me. They have had a long week too. And I am in joy to know they are feeling well and on the edge of normal.

Being last week was full of puke and buggers, lets just say I couldn’t wait to wave goodbye and forget it’s exsistance. Moving on.

Still packing up for this move. I’m so glad I started when I did. Which was September of last year. :D. You know though… I would be far more a mess now if I hadn’t started when I did. With this journey though, I know as soon as we are settled into our new home i will chalange myself to do a Purge. Starting with the boxes that were first packed before this new start. I can only imagine with all the new perspective and growth….. How many items will be kept. I will take that on in the later. One step at a time. 

Still a lot more to do before this move can even happen. 3 weeks too. Packing in the cold isn’t necessarily easy or fun.


The weekend was spent soaking up natural vitamin D. January and we’re  outside with simple warm clothing!? I love it. 
I also took a new aproch To simplicity. It was rather compulsive really. But it worked and there is not a better solution for me then this….burn the crap. 

There were items that held memories for me but were not functional. Broken and falling apart. I would pitch them in the trash. I would then go pick it up because a brilliant idea came to mind that it was very much worth keeping. Buuuut not really. It was more like fear of missing something or even oneone….so messed up…(I’m laughing hard)

 One item was the diaper changing table I’ve had with all 3 kids. And why would I need that. It was broke and out of shape. The drawer fell out a long time ago….burned it. A kids table that was made in the 50s, given to me by my favorite neighbor, Mr. Gary, who grew up sitting at that table…but it was falling apart and starting to show signs of rot…burned it. A vintage baby crib side that really just needed sanding and a paint job…and would work as a trellis…burned it. Dried Herbs that grew in my garden. I spent hours on these. But I couldn’t spend or waist the time to put them away. Also…I had jars full already. 

More things were added. I should add some items were face palm easy.

As the pile was burning I couldn’t help but laugh. There was NO way I was going to dig in flames to save trash. 

My attachment to these items was a tad off. Ignoring the bad condition I wanted to save them. Memories seem to stick to them. But the best part of a memory is that it will always be with me.

Ding 💡 

Memories are long lasting. The good ones will always be bright. The fact that these things needed to stay to enhance the memories is not ok. Good Memories do not need a material item to secure it. That’s the beauty of a memory. 

This walk of simplicity has deepened my view on the importance of how less is more. I still struggle to let things go. I struggle with fear of not having items, functional or not. My fear of ‘I may need this later’ or ‘I can’t let this go’ lingers with a strong convincing hold. 

But the deeper I look at this beautiful new lifestyle, the more excited I am to except and overcome this challenge and the next to come. 

Burning Goodbuy 

The ashes 

When the fire was down to nothing. I walked over and ash was all that was left. I was so relieved. Free. As silly as it is, I couldn’t wate to burn more items ha. No…yes. This was a freeing experience and I can’t wait to start another pile. I hope to toss the remaining fears on the next pile. It really would simplify my life all around. 



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