A tea party 

My Isabella is 5. Omgoodness. How so? She was so tiny and now she is 2 sizes above her age. I can’t believe how fast time has gone. Time really is a thief. 

She loves sparkles and rubber boots. This girl will pounce in a mud puddle, dig for worms, and keep up with the boys. All Wile wearing a dress, a shiny  tiara, and wanting a fresh coat of nail polish. 

I’m happy to say she loved her little party. She was very much in love with all the pink and purples. The boys too. They enjoyed themselves as much as the girls. Sipping tea and eating bite size finger food. It made me so happy to see both sides enjoying something so sweet. 

As for the birthday girl…she was a dazzle. Her eyes were bright. Her smile was permanent. And life was just perfect. 

Her favorite part was the cake. She was in love. My mom made the cake. She did a wonderful job. Isabella went in for a whisper and told her Gaga “I love my cake…it’s beautiful” of course making my mom’s day. 

It really was a beautiful cake. 


It really wasn’t a good day for outdoor play. We were told it would be a good day. Lies….all lies. 😋

But we were able to keep the fun inside with a round of musical chairs. It was to much fun. These kids kept smiles on their faces even if they missed out on a chair. 

My little boy tie boy (Zeppelin)


The food.

My older sister came and helped us. I was tickled she came and volunteered her time to make this day special for Isabella. 

She hand made pizza dough. And made mini pizzas. Honestly you don’t need a recipe for these. 

  • Pizza dough
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Cheese
  • A small biscuit cutter

Oven at 450′ and bake for 12m or till dough is golden soft brown. 

She did a fabulous job. Thank you MB. 

There was fruit and fruit dip. 

Fruit dip

  • A 24oz tub of vanilla yogurt 
  • 1/2c powder sugar 

Combine all ingredients.

Cucumber cracker bites

  • Trisket crackers (I used dill)
  • Cucumber pealed and sliced
  • Flavored Cream cheese. I made my own with  an 8oz packet of Cream cheese, and used these spices (to taste) dill, onion powder, salt, and parsley. 

Spread cream cheese mix on crackers and top with the cucumber. 

We had hot tea and a child proof sangria. 

My mom’s creation. 

She used cold lemon lime soda and topped it with a variety of fruit. It was beautiful. 


It was a wonderful time. Isabella had a permanent smile on for hours. 

I’m so thankful that in all this moving mess I had the chance with a lot of family help to throw this amazing birthday party for her. She is blessed to have so many people little and big to love her. As am I. 



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