Round #2

I’m on the verg of loosing it. My mental state is off. My eyes are heavy and my mind is loaded. 

This is our last month in Missouri. And I promised myself to be positive and productive. I seem to be getting no where though. 

Simplicity is not in sight. The struggles to throw away are real. The struggle to keep on this goal are heavy. Depressing almost.

The more i throw away the more I make exceptions for the things I love but are rather useless or broken and in need of repair. Yet I still seem to justify keeping it. 

Excuses are papers in a jar right now. Pick one….swish swish….ding ding ding this excuse wins. Gah

My anxiety level is suffocating. 

Crying has been my hobby. 

Negativity is seeping threw the cracks of the doors. 

Overwhelmed is an understatement. 

Self care left a few days ago. 

Look at me wallow. 


When I reach the point of falling on my knees… sobbing and wondering how much longer this was going to last, it was then I finally took a breath and saw right threw it all. 

My life is right where it needs to be. The only way to get to your goal is to walk through your struggles. If the goal is worth the fight you’ll pick yourself up and keep going. What’s the richness in a goal with out the struggles? 

Round 2 kicked my butt. It also had me doubting myself. But that’s ok. Deep growth cannot happen until after the lesson.

Chang hurts. But with change comes difrence. With positive change comes a beautiful difrence. How encouraging.

Grounding myself. Concentrating on the good. Feet in the air. Getting back in focus. 

Dusting my mental knees 
Looking straight ahead 

(A small amount of resting mad face….) 

Any goal that’s set is worth a fight. 



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