The Simplicity of it all

The Journey 

Not to long ago I posted Trunks and Bags. It was a soft post on how life was changing for  our family. The need for downsizing. And trying to live a simpler life. 

I feel as though this move is making me see things at a deeper level then I wanted to. 

So hear is the journey of a hidden hoarder, item lover, junk colecter- with a goal of extream simple living as a lifestyle. 

 The journey 

The beginning to simple living.  Physically and mentally. Overcoming attachment. Need before want. Gaining perspective on the benefits  All things must have a place

This simplifying journey has me realizing how far from simple I am. Also has me realizing I have a serious problem. I can’t get rid or throw things away. 

The problem has become overwhelming. And with the move in nearly a month something has to give. 

It’s ridiculous how much junk I have. And some of it I’m not even sure where it came from.

How and where do i even start? 

The beginning to simple living

In my belief the first step is the easiest. Wanting it. After that it’s all up hill. But worth the hike.

Who really wants to see things they think are nessasry being given or thrown out? I don’t. 

I may need it in the future. It was a gift. It was a deal. A project for the summer. All excuses to aid validation to something unnecessary. 

For simplicity to become a lifestyle you have to want it. And once the desire for change is there it becomes apparent where you need to start. 

You start with yourself. 

Physically and mentally 

Simple living not only affects the physical view of life. It has a huge impact mentally.  

Clutter increases stress. You’re always cleaning it up. Organization is non existent. Clutter prevents A true honest clean. When you’re physically surrounded in clutter your mental state is off. 

Mentally you will feel the difrence. Making room for importance and leaving the chaos at a low. 
Over coming attachment 

This is a work in progress for me. But worth working through the struggle. As I cling to silly and obsolete items.

Attachment is a road block. Never a friend in the process of simplifying.  It lingers with the convincing thought “you need me” when in fact you really could do with out. 

To over come attachemt is a task by it’s self. Convincing yourself you can do without. Then confirming and believing  you can. Then removing it permanently. Then moving on with out dwellingnon the ‘loss’.  

Never allow something the power to rule your life. Especially material items.

 Need before want 

Let me bring something to light first. There are things that should be kept. Even if it sits on a shelf. Simplifying isn’t ridding all things you don’t need. It’s much more then that. It’s keeping you in line with what’s important in life and making room for more 

Our needs should always be met before our want. Though I’d be the first to combine needs and wants in the same categorie. They are in fact polar opposites. 

A need is necessary 

A want can wait 

The scale isn’t hard when you place it in light’s perspective. 

Wants should also be valuable. They should serve a purpose. Far to many time the want I have fades soon after it’s in  possession. There for has wasted time and money. Making sure the want will be valuable through out the time it serves is very important. 

Gaining persective on the benifits 


  • Is clean
  • Saves money
  • Saves time
  • Saves work
  • Aids peace of mind
  • Brings a new meaning to life
  • Is uplifting

The benifits to simplicity show just in the first step. Starting with you.

I went through all my makeup, accessories, and anything within this category. I ended up with 2 medium boxes of things I never used but had been taking up sapce for 2 years+. 

That’s a long time to be taking up space. This is one of many sortings. 

I felt the benefit emencly. Looking into the vintage case that once was crammed with chaotic whatevers was now downsized to a handful of keepsakes along with all beauty. And if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t belong. 

All things must have a place. 

If it doesn’t fit it doesn’t belong. 

For simplicity to take foot. All things must have a place. If you find yourself moving an item multiple time because it’s constantly in the way, then maybe it’s not worth keeping. (This right hear is me^^)

Simplicity is beautiful. I’m excited for this change. As overwhelming as this is for me I know that in the end I’ll see amazing results. 

Life is full enough with the people you love. Why does it need to be cluttered  with unnecessary  things? 



2 thoughts on “The Simplicity of it all

  1. A lot of soul searching going on in this post and you passed it on to me. Buying for future projects really hit home for me. Good intentions has failed me more times then I can count and for the most part have been expensive endeavors. I actually feel like it is shameful, like sin in my life. The I gotta spend so I will make excuses for the why I am spending. Even my intentions seem false looking back as I get rid of this or that. Like I said a lot of soul searching going on walking this road of simplicity. Thank you for sharing your heart well worth the read.


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