Trunks and Bags

My near future will be very simple. All our belongings will be packed away. Our Home will be a bedroom in a house that isn’t mine. The few belongings that will be in reach need to fit in trunks and bags.4 trunks to hold cloths and 4 bags to hold the necessary items for 5 people. 

I’ve longed for simplicity. But not at this volume. Actually I’m not very simple at all. I struggle to let things go.   

We have lived in this 2 bedroom house for almost 5 years. There isn’t much room with 5 of us. But some how I’ve managed to cram decor, furniture, toys and gadgets all over. Neatly placed but still… I have so much furniture that 1/2 of it was sitting in the garage waiting it’s turn. 

The house was consumed with amazing fun materials. And I though I was simple. Only because the size and view of my house and the fact that you could walk through it solidly without a pathway….but is that what simple is? No.

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Simple living is not easy for me.The fact that were going to be living like this is enough for me to freak out and I start making exceptions for stupid things. I feel like the little old woman trying to convince Sarah in The Labyrinth, that items are worth more then the peace and zen that could be. 


We have no plan for this move. Rather living on an idea that’s not even in place. We’ll get there and figure it out once there. OMG…. It’s down right terrifying. No house, no job, and no working plan in place. Faith or just plain nuts? 

The plan is to pack up. Get to Indiana. Move in with the In-Laws. Then look for a job…then a permanent move to follow.

As you can see…we have no idea what’s instore for us after that. How long will home be a bed room? How long will trunks be what we live out of? 

Don’t let me lead you to think in not excite about this move. I am. That was where my adulthood started. This is where James and I began. James’ family is there. My sister and her new family. His sister and her new family. Old friends that are moms and dads now too. This is going to be amazing.  

I’m confident though. I’ve kept positive that this story will have a happy ending. The only way to move forward is to Chang ones way of living from thinking about simplifying to actually simplifying. 

Living with trunks and bags should seriously kick simple living into gear. And the more i stay positive about it the more excited I get about facing this challenge. 

So hears to packing awesome trunks and beautiful big bags with simplicity. Hears to having mustered seed faith that all things will happen just the way it’s meant to be. Hears to leaving behind memories that are worth remembering. Hears to life. 


3 thoughts on “Trunks and Bags

  1. Thank you for sharing. I too am looking at a potential move soon. I’ve become very accustomed to our two-bedroom apartment and the future may involve downsizing further and getting rid of some treasured belongings. It’s scary, but I am trying to remind myself that it’s another adventure, another story to tell. Your home is beautiful, and I am sure with such a whimsical approach to things, you will adjust to these changes well, despite the losses that come with it. Best of luck to you on your journey!

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    1. Thank you. Good luck on your near new journey. Adventures are fun. And it’s beautiful when a move can be looked at as so.
      I feel very much afraid of loosing familiarity. Its nice to see I’m not entirely alone.

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