Milk for music.

A music post. Dew to not posting it in the last. 

Ill be telling you about Milky Chance. Amazing. Weird. Funk. Toe tapping rhythm. And cute….it’s true. 

In the ears now….

  • Clemens Rehbein ( Einstein of music^^) vocalist and guitarist 
  • Philipp Dausch-DJ /producer 
  • Antonio Greger-  guitarist 

I really don’t have as much knowledge about them as I should or want. What I do know is they are talented to say the least. 

They started in 2012 in Germany. Stolen dance was their first single and was the 1st song I listened to before I became a fean. Folk/ reggae would be there genre of music. Obscure…odd…lyrically talented. 

My kiddos love them too HA. They can sing along with most of the album. I wasn’t lying when I said i was a fean.  They can be herd weekly in this house. 

Now for the upsetting truth….some times you will have to read the lyrics to see what they are singing….but at the same time you grab more of an understanding to them. His accent is bodacious as to why I may need to glance a time or two (well not now). 

There is a cat in his hands…

His hair is perfect. 

He has a vibe of happy and life just beaming from the grays and blacks. 

Check Milky Chance out and go with it.



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