Baking up a storm

Were in the middle of an ice storm. What better way to pass time then baking. 

I love baking. And the kiddos love tasting. They prefer sweets over all. Cookie dough is like Omgoodness hide those beaters or you won’t  get them back😂😛

But the dishes….oh the dishes are a bummer when it comes to baking. 

They have a nack of building up and then looking like the monster in your kiddos closet. Lucky enough I was smart and did them as I went…that’s normally not the case with me. 

The loves are chowing and disterbingly pretending the cinnamon rolls are trolls….um 😬 were not watching that movie again. I feel like my kiddos are keen on villains and yours love the good guy, the hero. What am I doing wrong?? 😣😅😫😱😟😕😂

Ill look into it but until then…

Lets start with my bread recipe. This recipe is beyond easy and will not take up any  cupboard space dew to nothing left once it’s done. I use this recipe for every thing… loaves, rolls, cinnamon rolls, bread sticks….it’s a great recipe. And you don’t have to wait for the yeast to rise before you start. Also hand friendly. I use to make this by hand till I bought my KitchenAid last year. 


For the best turn out you will want to use butter. I’m a butter feen and use nothing but. On the exception of frying…coconut oil or homemade lard is my go to.

White Bread 

3 1/2c flour (5-6 all together) 

3 T.s white sugar 

1 tea s salt

4 tea s yeast 

3 T.s soft butter (do not melt)

2 1/4 c warm water.


  1. In a mixing bowl stir together 3 1/2 cups flour, sugar, salt, and yeast
  2. Mix in butter till combined and even (use spatula or cookie paddel)
  3. Add water and mix. (With bread hooks)
  4. Wile mixing you will add 1/2 c of the remaining flour at a time till dough is solid, elastic, and workable (it’s going to be a bit sticky but it needs to be more solid then sticky)
  5. On a clean med light floured surface place dough and wash mixing bowl and grease (butter or coconut oil 👌)
  6. Kneed dough 10x or till the flour has coated it enough to keep from sticking to fingers and surface. 
  7. Plightdough in greased bowl. Keep away from drafty or cold places. It prevents the dough from rising properly or if at all. 
  8. Let rise for 30-40min or till the dough is 3x its size. 
  9. Punch it…and kneed for a few
  10. Place on well floured surface. kneed till air bubbles are out and dough is playable and elastic. 
  11. Turn oven on at 350′
  12. Now form (lightly greased or floured hands)

DO NOT OPEN OVEN DOOR. When your bread goes in the oven and that oven door is shut…keep it shut for the first 12-15m (x_nay this advice on breadsticks) your bread will flop and you will cry. 

As you see I made sticks to go with supper. 

Sticks- roll between hands till length is sasatisfactory. Place on greased sheet 1/2in away from each other and let rise 10min. Bake for 15m or till lightly golden brown. Smother in butter if you want lots of flavor…(garlic butter recipe below)

*Garlic butter

1 stick of melted butter (do not let it boil though)

1 T.s garlic powder 

4 tea s dried parsley 

1/2 tea s salt

Stir and slather.
Rolls- roll in balls. Best way to do this is take and pinch dough (a bit bigger then a golf ball) flatten then start pinching the sides to the middle till ball is formed place pinched side down.  Place 1/2 in away from each other in a deep cacasserol dish. Bake for 22 min or till golden brown on tops. Remove from sheet on wire wracks. Smother with butter for flavor. 

For loaves 

Rip dough in half. With one half in hands start to form a loaf by folding sides into middle rotate the dough on same side and fold sides each turn. Place in greased bread pan let rise for 15m (they keep rising wile baking…remember that ha…because I didn’t at first) or till dough has risen 2x it’s size.

Cinnamon rolls

Once dough is keeded rip dough in half. grab your rolling pin and roll one half 1/4in thick on floured surface. 

1/2 stick semi melted butter – spread on rolled out dough. 

(Up to you on amount…I use about 2/3c) spread cinnamon sugar over dough.(1 T.s cinnamon to 1c sugar)  Add nuts or dried fruit if you want now…pick a side on the horizontal. Fold 1/2in over and then with hands at each end roll over. Once you’ve rolled a forth of the way, cup your hands over spiral ends to keep dough from poking/popping out on the sides. Keep rolling.

With a good bread knife cut loaf into 1.5 in rolls and place 1/2in away on greased sheet. Let rise 10-15m bake for 20m or till rolls are softly golden brown. 
Cool and serve with cream cheese frosting or *honey butter glaze, which is what I used this morning. (Recipe for glaze below)

* Honey butter glaze

1 stick of partly melted butter. 

1/2c honey 

1cup powder sugar 

1/4c + half&half (you may need more but only add by the table spoon)

2 teaspoons vanilla.

In mixing bowel Combine butter and honey. Add powder sugar,  half& half, and vanilla. If it’s  to runny add more powder sugar but only by the T.s. 

Once all ingredients are in turn mixer on high mix for 2 min. 

Serve on warm rolls. 

Don’t mind my cooking sheets. 4years of use makes them keepers. Waste not want not. Minimalist in the making. 

I think with all these carbs I need to run…ha who am I kidding the kids will born teem off for me. 

Enjoy your Monday morning. I know they start the new week and are rarely welcomed. But keep in mind…..Tuesday is just a tease too. 



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