Alt-J in the ear 

If you haven’t herd the new release from Alt-J then get on it.  Relaxer.  Funky. Obscure. Weird. Perfect.  I’m in love. Add l it’s on repeit’s well.  Go listen. Enjoy. Goodmusic at your fingertips.  No more nickel back,…see I can’t even capitalize that.  ✌👌🎶🎧😊 Advertisements

No coffee 

There is no coffee in my cup  I haven’t had it since I’ve been up.  This is a problem I do declare  Like running out of underware 

Top on topical 

I found this and loved it. I discourage ingesting oils. Something of a concentrated powerful element, like Essential oils, should be handled with care and treated with a soft cautious mindset.  Cooking with oils is something I do agree with. Drinking, capsules, or drops should be reaserched and talked about with an herbalist professional.  My … More Top on topical 

Tiny dancer 

Just moments ago I was swaddling you. Coddling you. Singing off tune melodies to get you calm. Washing tiny clothes. Changing itty bitty diapers. Holding you in one arm as I slept. Kissing your bald head. Making eating faces at you as I fed you pureed grossness. Helping you step over thresholds. Nursing you on … More Tiny dancer 

Isabella’s Lesson

Isabella knows no stranger. She is a friend to all. A smile to greet you and a hug to leave you. She loves people. She is sweet and her heart is on her shoulder. She is genuine and friendly. (Unless you’re  one of her brothers….then it’s Hard Knox 😂)  Today she said she didn’t want … More Isabella’s Lesson

Give thought

There should be an incense called Dunkin Doughnut. The whif of the drift from the drive in window.  Can you be conciderd a good driver if orange lights scream ‘speed up’? Judging people is the most accurate term of hypocrisy.  Trolls is about cannibalism and inward Zen.  Cursive will be a language of it’s own.  … More Give thought

Sweet boy

Zeppelin has the most precious heart of gold. The day after his first day he has been bringing flowers to his teacher daily. Never misses a day.  This morning….those flowers were on the zombie side of life. Alive….but not really. I asked him if he really wanted to give the ‘almost dying’ (I never said … More Sweet boy