10 lil reasons 

Lil loves are amazing.  They love unconditionally.  They view the world in beauty  They find joy in the little things They speak honestly when asked They are not anxious about tomorrow  They continue to learn They ask for help when they need it  They live for today and laugh about yesterday  They look for ways … More 10 lil reasons 

Thank you February 

It’s been amazing weather. I am so thrilled we got to spend some beautiful time out doors before we make our move. It’s been wonderful leaving the doors open and airing out winters stuffiness. It feels fresh in side.  The kiddos have been  exhausted from the sun and play. Bed time has been a breeze.  … More Thank you February 


Coconut oil is wonderful. It can be used for cooking, body, polishing, and creamer. Just to name a few.   Oil pulling is a favorite of mine. Though I go on spurts where I won’t even touch it. I love to oil pull. My thing with it being in spurts was I hated spooning it … More Oil-pulling 

Burning goodbye

Oh my, what a week. Finally the kiddos are on track and back to school. I’m not sure whose more excited about school….them or me. They have had a long week too. And I am in joy to know they are feeling well and on the edge of normal. Being last week was full of … More Burning goodbye

A tea party 

My Isabella is 5. Omgoodness. How so? She was so tiny and now she is 2 sizes above her age. I can’t believe how fast time has gone. Time really is a thief.  She loves sparkles and rubber boots. This girl will pounce in a mud puddle, dig for worms, and keep up with the … More A tea party 

Round #2

I’m on the verg of loosing it. My mental state is off. My eyes are heavy and my mind is loaded.  This is our last month in Missouri. And I promised myself to be positive and productive. I seem to be getting no where though.  Simplicity is not in sight. The struggles to throw away … More Round #2

Shrimp tacos

James just had his 29th birthday. And were simpletons when it comes to our birthdays. No need for loudly cleabrating another wrinkle at this age.  He loves food and graphic t-shirts. Again were simpletons when it comes to the birthdays after 22yr. Old.  I try to make something that rarely goes on the meal plan. … More Shrimp tacos